Woodmead and the CCJ are situated on a farm that belonged to Lady Cullinan. Some of the oak trees that lined the driveway can still be seen on the Country Club Johannesburg / Woodmead golf course.

Khyber Rock, south of Plymouth Street and east of Lincoln Street, belonged to Mr. Bernard Elkin who lived in Killarney.

This area east of Lincoln Street consisted of small-holdings that included the Blue Hills Stables. It now accommodates The Bernardino, Khyber Royale, Khyber Fountains, Khyber Rock Estates N/S/E/W, Annapurna and The Paddocks. Further east the development is now mainly devoted to business.

Woodmead itself was a blue gum forest inhabited by extensive wildlife including many varieties of snakes. Earlier residents will recall interesting and varied encounters with these reptiles, which encounters extended into 2008, with no reporting since then.

Woodmead was declared a township in 1966 and the first one-acre residential stands went on the market in that year when there was still access to Witkoppen Road from the north of Lincoln Street as the N1 Highway had not yet been built.

Riley road was originally opened in 1976 but tarred much later.

The internal roads were only finally tarred in the early 80’s and at the time the then Sandton Council’s policy was to retain the rural character of these outlying areas, hence originally there were no street lights.

The final street lights were only installed in the Woodmead area in early 2005.

When the Woodmead Township was proclaimed in 1966, ERF106 was zoned for Educational purposes.

All infrastructure and services were originally installed to service the low densities of 2.5 dwelling units per hectare (i.e. 1 dwelling per one-acre stand, which is approx. 4000 m2). Increased densities are now putting serious strain on services such as water, electricity, sewage and roads and creating much concern and dissatisfaction amongst residents.

Woodmead is an area characterized by high-quality homes on large stands with well-treed and landscaped gardens. The average density allowed in the suburb of Woodmead is 10 dwelling units per hectare (1 d/u per 1000 m2) in terms of our draft Precinct Plan and the RSDF.

Khyber Rock likewise is an area of high-quality homes albeit on smaller stands. It was planned and zoned for a variety of densities that have changed little since 1966.

Certain residents have lived here for 40 years and others for upwards of 20 years. Quite a few residents and their families are still living in the homes that their parents built and that they themselves occupied as children. It is generally known that once residents have made their home in Woodmead / Khyber Rock they find it difficult to move anywhere else as comfortable and convenient. Residents are so content in this area that many own more than one property in the neighbourhood.

The Residents Association was established in 1984 with the major objective of promoting and protecting the interests of the residents of both Woodmead and Khyber Rock. This is a voluntary organisation comprising of all residents who contribute financially towards the Association. There are approximately 480 households within our community, which we now fondly refer to as “Woodrock”.

A Non-Profit Company was registered on 18th July 1996 under the name “The Woodmead-Khyber Rock Security Association” governed by the Constitution of the WKRSA. A formal name change was registered in 2017 to “The Woodmead and Khyber Rock Residents Association” (1996/009316/08), governed by the Constitution of the WKRRA.

Day-to-day administrative duties include general Security within the public space; Boom management & maintenance; Town Planning (rezoning applications, land sub-divisions, building by-laws, billboards, etc.); Roads & Infrastructure (transport infrastructure, street lighting, sewage, stormwater, etc.); Environment (pavements & parks maintenance, recycling/garbage removal, etc.).